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We have something in common. I already know we do. You and I were connected because we’re go-getters, we want it all and we have a deep desire to do something purposeful with our lives. What we want for ourselves is what we tend to seek out in others.  If you want to be a journalist, you’re going to naturally gravitate toward other writers that you could learn from. If you want to launch – or already have launched – an online clothing store, chances are you’re following other boutique owners or designers that you can learn or get inspiration from. You found my blog because you’re an entrepreneur or a working mom or a woman with a vision that needed to figure out the HOW in her plan.

Now, some of you are saying, “Actually, Stephanie, we were connected because I came across your ad on Facebook and clicked on it”  YES! Yes, and I am so glad you did… my ad found you because of WHO you are. I wanted to find women JUST LIKE ME. You clicked on it because you finally found someone that seemed JUST LIKE YOU.

Life can be isolating, can’t it? Especially when you’re navigating this journey of building something big, something with purpose oozing out of it, something that makes you want to share it with the world because it’s life-changing for you, or for the consumer.

That’s why you’re here. That’s why you found some of the women you follow online, or read books from or attend conferences to hear them speak. We heard their message, it resonated and we wanted to know how to chase our our dreams like they chased theirs. That’s what they want too. Women want to SHARE knowledge with each other. They want to say, “hey, friend! Let me tell you what NOT to do. I can save you some heartache, money and a couple years off your journey by telling you what I’ve learned” – that’s why women write books, host conferences, or start podcasts. They have a message and a purpose-driven heart. YOU have a message and a purpose, too.

Honestly, it’s a beautiful concept. If anything, seeing these other entrepreneurs likely fuels that fire in your soul even more to see other people proving it can be done: starting a business in the field you want, scaling your business or shaking things up in your industry (there’s so much magic in that, I need to make a note to blog on this because it’s a game-changer).

Let’s go back to YOU for a moment. It doesn’t matter if you have a successful business right now, a business that you started and are trying to grow, or a nudge inside of you that just won’t go away. All of us have that nudge – regardless of the phase we’re in right now – and we like to pretend it isn’t there. The nudge doesn’t have to be in regards to your career. Maybe it’s taking a chance in a relationship, maybe it’s in taking control of your schedule, maybe it’s taking control of your health. Only you know what that little voice has on repeat. I just know it’s there for all of us. We like to say, “okay, great idea… a little busy right now though” or “okay, that would be amazing, but… I have no clue how to pull that off” or “I want to do this so bad, but it’s already being done.

Which phrase are you hearing right now?

(Um, actually, Stephanie, I’m hearing all three…)

Guess what? We’re just going to go for it. You have an idea, a project, a passion or a direction for your life that’s playing on repeat. It’s like an annoying little sister that won’t leave you alone when your friends come over. You know exactly what I’m referring to. You want more, you want to do something that feels like it matters or will make a difference and you’re really scared to take the leap.

Girl, we’re doing it. This week. (GASP!) Yes, we are. My purpose is to motivate you, fire you up and show you that every single barrier can be pushed through (or just walked around, let’s be open-minded here). I’m done with the reasons it might fail and the excuses about not having time. If I know anything – or have shown you anything – it’s that a Morning Routine is where you change your life and begin to design the direction you’re heading. It’s where you get ahead. It’s where you carve out time for YOU.

How long have you been listening to the voice in your head that is telling you to act on something?

Here’s what we’re doing this week: Ten minutes each day. Take action in some way, shape or form.

Some of you have several ideas and next-steps in your head. (I do too, don’t worry) We’re narrowing it down to one. Don’t panic over which one is the right one to start with. Remember, if we start with one, we get momentum going and can circle back to the next idea that much sooner. First, you need to prove it to yourself that you CAN do this. If you have several ideas, write them all out. It’s natural to want to go for the BIG one on the list, but lets pick something you can absolutely commit to. Do you have it?

Here is what I want you to do once you’ve identified WHAT it is that you’re going to do this week:

  1. Find an accountability partner. Parent, sibling, best friend, colleague, spouse…

When I decided to start a new business (which began with just this blog, btw), I told my husband my idea. He’s my check-in and he isn’t afraid to call me out. He knows how badly I want to succeed and that I need that check-in (even if I give him an evil look when he asks what progress I’ve made). He knows what scares me, so he focuses on what he knows I will procrastinate with… Set the expectation with your accountability person. Tell them how bad you want this next step, your weaknesses and fears, and that you want them to check in _(this)_ often, ask tough questions about progress, and challenge you to keep going.

  1. Start somewhere. There doesn’t have to be a certain first step. Just start.

With this blog, it was a matter of me taking a free online webinar that talked about how to start a blog. I took notes, and then between Google and Youtube, I figured out how to navigate the tech world. I started with Wix, and later changed over to WordPress. Once you get going, you’ll naturally know what the next step is. Baby steps. They may feel small, but they still move forward.


Add this to your morning affirmations if you struggle with fear of failure or comparison. Put your blinders on. Read last week’s blog on failure right here.

  1. Find someone to inspire you. This will keep you going when you need a kick in the pants. It can be a book, a podcast, someone on social, or a blog.

You can use me for this, I’d be honored. Everything I post on social has to be something that I think brings VALUE to you. Find me on IG or FB. Watch my stories with tough truths, or my posts. I want to constantly talk about the barriers and remind you why they aren’t going to hold you back. If you need someone that will relentlessly make you level UP, you can do your journey alongside me.

This is it. No more excuses. No more “someday” or “when I have time…”. No, we’re taking action now. You deserve it. You are meant for more.

And, girl… If you don’t know what I was talking about earlier with a Morning Routine, it’s time to jump on board! This is where it all starts. You want it all? This is HOW. Your free downloadable is waiting below.

Download The Morning Routine

Customized to make you more productive and successful.

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