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Crafted to Sell

Using Stories to Brand and Grow Your Business

Ideal for: Leadership or Sales Teams, Entrepreneurs, MLM, Network Marketing, Associations


  • How to Craft Your Unique Story
  • Identifying Who Your Story Will Resonate With
  • Positioning the Story to Optimize the Effectiveness It Can Have on Your Sales
  • Strategically Telling Stories to Control the Marketing Narrative

Productivity Powerhouse

How to Scale a Business On Your Own Terms


Ideal for: Entrepreneurs, MLM, Associations, Leadership or Sales Teams


  • Controlling the Conversation
  • Strategically Planning Your Calendar to Work For You
  • Why Delegate & Automate Just Became Your New Best Friends
  • Scaling Back the Hours Worked & Increasing Productivity

How does a mom-of-two co-manage a sales team that rises to the Top 1% in the country within six years? For starters, she and her husband threw away the playbook and wrote a new one. By defining what goals they wanted to attain and what work/life balance would look like, they began to create processes that would streamline their business. The result was 800% growth in the first eight years. This presentation will guide you toward crafting your business to operate more effectively and systematically to fit the lifestyle you desire. With over 2/3 of Americans claiming they don’t have work-life balance, imagine if we could implement these types of tools, see continued growth & sustainability, and scale back the workweek.

If Not Now, Then When?

Ideal for: Women’s Conferences, Entrepreneurs, MLM, Faith-based Conferences


  • There’s an Innate Desire Within Each of Us to Aspire to Something Greater Than We Thought Possible
  • Finding Purpose is Often at the Intersection of Talents + Passions
  • Creating a Business or Passion Project Can Be Done Despite an Already-Full Schedule
  • Mindset Hacks to Overcome Common Barriers That Often Keep Us From Seeing Progress

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