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Meant for More: Turning Passion into Purpose & Designing the Life You Were Made for.

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Have you looked at the passion-fueled, purpose-driven women around you and felt as though you’re still trying to figure things out? Maybe you’ve settled for less than your dreams. Maybe you’re still stuck on someday. Maybe you just don’t know where to begin.

In Meant for More, she details what it looks like behind the scenes to grow a seven-figure business with your husband only to ask for the grace to walk away from it all. While sharing her journey, she offers advice to help you find your God-given purpose and discover the untapped potential inside of you. In this guide, Hendrick insists your life is yours to live. It’s yours to design. You are made to impact this world in a way that no other person can. Despite what you’ve been told, passion can be met with purpose and grit can be coupled with grace.

Through personal stories, practical tools, and actionable steps, she tells you how to grab that dream off the shelf and silence the voice telling you that you aren’t ready. Meant for More drives you closer to becoming the woman you need to become to fulfill the purpose you were made for.


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