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Wait, there’s a formula for this and my college professor didn’t cover it? That’s right, girl.

In all seriousness, this is the kind of stuff that you won’t learn in school. This is the type of thing that you really only deep dive into in Business Coaching. I was fortunate enough to have (and still have!) an incredible coach that’s guided me on my own journey & we’ve used this formula time and time again over the years with my own businesses as they’ve grown & evolved.

Okay, so here it goes. Let’s look at the formula and then break it down into simple, practical ways of putting it to work for YOU.

(A) S + K + T + G – O = IR

Thanks for checking in this week, tune in next time for…

Just kidding. Okay, here we go again to make it slightly-less-confusing (I said, slightly):

(Attitude) Skills + Knowledge + Talent + Goal – Obstacle = Improved Results (this can be applied personally or professionally)

Okay, so definitely not Rocket Science. However, as simple as this formula may look to you, it’s one that most are unable to piece together for themselves. There are times when the obstacle is HUGE (health, family issues, losing a job, etc.) and that drags down the result. Most people get completely sidelined when an obstacle shows up. Business stays stagnant or declines, drags down attitude, and maybe the goal ends up changing as well. Can you see how easily the OTHER pieces can begin to shift and impact one another?

You should be checking in on this formula – and defining each category – weekly.

Be cautious of the goal. It is incredibly difficult to measure progress (through our results) when we have several goals going at once. If you run a department or a team, for example, there are likely several different goals that you’re measuring. That’s fine. However, each goal should have it’s own formula defined and measured. Each goal is likely going to have it’s own obstacle, therefore the result will be skewed accordingly.

Let’s go through an example together on growing the Public Speaking side of my business. This is a relatively new aspect of my business that I’m working toward (Business Coaching isn’t going anywhere! They go hand-in-hand in many ways.) Speaking isn’t new to me whatsoever, but incorporating it into my Business Plan is. If we’re being honest, speaking is what sets my soul on fire.

Let’s put this into the equation. So, when you’re starting out trying to find and book speaking gigs, the formula may look like this example below. Next to each, you’ll see that I’m going to put my answer/response/perspective:

Attitude: There is SO much room for female speakers. I have something to say to women in the workplace, working moms, women that just want MORE for their life!

Skills: Confident on stage; spoken numerous times for events, workshops, large audiences; well-spoken; story-teller

Knowledge: 14+ years experience in running a business; Bring personal stories in to tie together the main points

Talent: Speaking in front of large audiences, writing (speeches), creating emotional connection with others

Goal: To speak in front of as many women organizations, clubs, employers, conferences as possible to book future, paid speaking gigs

Obstacle: Do not yet have a press kit (ie. video) & this is what conference directors request; need to book (free) speaking gigs so that I can hire a videographer to film & then create the press kit for future bookings with video content.

= Improved Result

You’ll notice I really wanted to draw your attention to the goal & obstacle in this case. I have the first four items “in check” right now. Those can easily come out of whack if I’m not careful, but in this case, I wanted to focus on the area I honed in on.

The goal and obstacle are affecting one another. Any venture is going to have an uphill battle (the obstacle) so I am not going to alter the goal in this case. Instead, I’m going to focus on how to chip away at that obstacle.

In this instance, I’m going to continue networking & reaching out to local clubs/companies/schools that might be looking for free speakers. I am asking colleagues and friends and neighbors if their employers have women’s groups or conferences that they might want a speaker for. I have told family that lives across the country that I will travel. I am putting it out there in THIS BLOG.

Here’s the bottom line:

  • Brainstorm – put as many thoughts down as you can (you can edit/review later)
  • Set your limits – how far are you willing to go to remove or lessen the obstacle? (ie. I am willing to pay to travel for a speaking engagement. For me, right now, I see this as an investment in creating the Press Kit that I’ll need for future, larger conferences). Where are you drawing the line? Be sure to define these boundaries.
  • Implement – an idea is only an idea until you put it into practice; You have your Morning Routine. What amount of time do you want/need to allocate to this obstacle (if you cannot implement into your workday, that is)?

Now it’s your turn. I shared with you one of my Coaching formulas. If you find yourself stuck, take a breather. Come back with fresh eyes. Ask a colleague or mentor to look at it from their perspective. Be open to CHANGE. Without change, your current formula is still your current formula.

If you’re feeling frustrated or at your wit’s end with your progress, you can schedule a FREE 30-minute coaching call with me. Let’s see if we can’t help move you to the next level!

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