Girl I’m Glad you’re here.

Let me tell you a little about this page you’ve stumbled upon… As a mother, a wife, and a business woman I’ve encountered my fair share of stress day in and day out. I know what its like to have everyday bleed into the next: rush kids to get ready & out the door to school, work a full day managing the business I run alongside my husband, race to get the kids from school, check their homework, go to soccer or gymnastics, cook dinner, showers, stories and bedtime. And repeat.

I would wake up some mornings and realize that every. single. day. was the same. I would look at our daughters and see how fast time was flying by. It broke my heart. I was pouring myself in to be the best mother, best wife, and striving to grow our business year after year (many times at the sacrifice of quality time with my family in the evenings). What was I teaching my girls? Was I going after a passion? No. Did I feel I was fulfilling my God-given purpose? No. Was I happy and enjoying every bit of life to the fullest?

Definitely not. I think other women – mamas & career women – feel this way too. We’ll give every bit of our time, our energy, and our talents to help our kids, our spouses and our employers. It’s a thankless job. But is that all we were meant for in this lifetime? What if you followed your passion and led a fulfilling life? What if you could find the pure joy in each day again? Imagine what you’d then be showing your children, your spouse, your friends and your family… an intentional life and a grateful heart.

But this isn’t just a sounding board that you’ve stumbled upon. It’s a community. It’s a resource to get things in order: Finances, Time Management, Parenting, Marriage and Faith. The resources you need to create the margin you need – that you deserve – so you can live a purposeful life. Live life on purpose.

You’re meant for more.


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