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3 Signs You Should Hire a Business or Lifestyle Coach

We’ve all heard the buzz in recent years surrounding entrepreneurs and business professionals hiring Business and/or Lifestyle coaches. Do they have a secret sauce? Are people running out of ideas on what to spend their money on? Are they seeing tangible results from this? According to an article on, nearly one in six business professionals are working with a coach (of the 759 surveyed).

They are seeing results. This is why we’re seeing this trend blossom among high-caliber individuals. Entrepreneurs and business professionals often have a vision, goals they strive toward, a strong work ethic and some grit… but their blind spot is often their untapped potential. The emotional intensity of building a business from scratch, from doing every aspect of the business as you get it off the ground, is often what keeps us from allowing that same business to flourish. What do I mean? We have often poured so many hours, tears, ideas, failed attempts, redo’s, and sales calls into building our business that the thought of bringing someone else on board is absolutely overwhelming.

Where would we find the time to train them?

When would they ever care about our business as much as we do?

How could I risk letting someone else represent my brand? What if they tarnish it?

What if I pour my time and energy into them and then they quite on me someday?

Business & Lifestyle Coaches come in to play to push back on these questions. They put these puzzle pieces together. They help you anticipate changes before they occur. A coach will pull visions out of your subconscious that you may not have even realized you had deep down inside. They will find out the reason you do what you do, what your chasing after, and whether or not you’ve completely lost all joy in life along the way. Their job is to help you discover what you’re after, identify the obstacles you’re facing and to help you design the path that is going to get there. They’re there for the higher-level questions, the ones your friends and family don’t know to ask. They’re there to give you unbiased feedback, and to show you what you are capable of and what it will take to get there. They’re there to give you the hard truths that you don’t want to admit to yourself.

Here are three questions to consider as to whether or not you may want to hire a business coach:

  1. Can my business survive – or thrive – without me there? A true business is one that can operate and grow without you.
  2. Am I living life on my terms, and living out my purpose? Fulfillment isn’t just fluff. Your business/career growth is directly tied to your personal growth. If you burnout in your career, chances are it will overflow into your personal life. Are you in tune with the overall picture?
  3. What stage is my business/career at and what do I visualize it being? Have you mapped out your career path? Do you know where it’s headed, how to get there, how long it will take, and how to take the challenges (including the unexpected ones) head-on?

Coaching is for those that are striving beyond what others may think they’re capable of. It’s for those looking to take control of their journey and to map out the exact future that they want. For me personally, it changed the course of my life. Literally speaking. It helped me narrow in on what my passions were, what I had to offer the rest of the world, and to take action on what my heart was telling me inside. I realized my own successes within business was a platform. For the last few years, I had been consulting with others that wanted to know how our business had grown, how we had navigated certain obstacles, how we found balance in life – it’s information I was so eager to share and see others put into practice. Industry to industry, the principles are still the same.

I knew there was more to my story, and there’s more to yours too.

For more information on different coaching programs that we offer, reach out to me on the Contact Us page.

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